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Apr 26, 2018 / wishhealth / Health Portals

Health concerns are only soaring up. Every day you are bound to keep track of challenges that are getting introduced in the form of new diseases. Even the prevention of old diseases, such as heart problems, liver issues have become difficult due to the changing lifestyle. Perhaps that is why it is highly advisable to use patient portals.

Despite saying this, it is important to point out that these days patients are bombarded online with healthcare portals. Hence, choosing one portal among myriad lucrative options is not at all easy. Nevertheless, we have a simple solution to this. Select Wish Health.

As a reputed healthcare portal, we not only increase your access to your health information but also try to meet the future goals of advancing patient-centered care. However, we do not want you to choose us blindly. Before opting for us, we want the users like you to learn more about what Wish health offers to the patients and how we are different from the others. Scroll down to understand all these things and then make a decision.

What is a patient portal?

A patient portal is also known as a healthcare portal. This is a specifically designed secure online website. It allows you to control all your health related issues online. Sometimes it is also considered as electronic personal health records (PHRs) or electronic health records (EHR). However, Wish Health is a patient portal which is not merely a personal health history portal but is something more than this.

What is Wish Health?

Wish Health is a secure patient portal that helps you in having online access to your health. We let you hold the string of your healthcare. Whether you want to view your prescription or have a look at your health records, Wish Health can help you in all this. Additionally, Wish Health also ensures that you do not waste your time and energy in searching doctors from traditional ways. We let you get in touch with the desired doctor and diminish the gap between you and them.

How it offers you a healthy environment?

There are many more things that Wish Health as a healthcare portal offers you and adds value to your life. One of the things offered by Wish Health to you that certainly make your environment healthy is the experts’ blogs. When you receive a blog from Wish Health, it is not only written by experts but also quite informative. You get to understand more about the healthcare system.

For instance, most of the women when having issues related to uterus go to a maternity hospital without knowing the qualification of a doctor. However, if you are someone that uses Wish Health, then our blogs will let you know the difference between a gynecologist and obstetrician. You will be amused to know that many of the practicing doctors in your area running a maternity clinic are an Obstetrician, but not a gynecologist. This means that they can deal with the issues of childbirth, pregnancy, and unborn child problems, but are not qualified to handle problems related to the female reproductive system such as breast problems, hormonal issues, pelvic disorders, cancer of the cervix, urinary tract, etc. Similarly, there are many other things that make us unique.

What makes Wish Health different from other Healthcare portals?

Here, some of the features of Wish Health have been discussed. This will let you know how we are different in comparison to other patient portals.

Connects you to the desired doctor

One of the best things about Wish Health is that it helps you in finding a competent doctor near your area. This way you do not have to ask others for help.

Helps you in getting an appointment

As a patient portal, we also help you in getting an appointment with the doctor in the time slot preferred by you. You do not need to wait for longs hours in order to see your doctor. You just need to leave your home 15 minutes in advance and you will be able to consult your doctor.

Keeps your health record at one place

Whether it is your doctor’s name, your immunization history, your medications, your past illness and allergies, chronic health problems and other health records are compiled and placed in one place in Wish Health. This way you do not need to carry your health history documents every time you visit the hospital.

Reminds you of your medication and appointment

Wish Health is more like a friend to you. Just like a caring buddy, it alerts you when you have an appointment with a doctor or when you have to take your medicines. Once you have Wish Health, you can keep your mind free from these trivial things and can concentrate on your work.

Helps you locate diagnostic centers

Diagnostic tests have become quite costly and so you need a person who can guide you to a center where all the tests are done at an affordable price. Wish Health is that friend which helps you to reach a cost-effective diagnostic center near your area.

Offers you to add an emergency contact

In case you are in problem, you just need to dial the emergency contact that you have saved on Wish Health. You may add your doctors’ phone number. This is one of the things that might seem trivial to you, but in times of need it turns out quite handy.

Helps you in viewing your prescription

Whenever you want to view your prescription, you can turn to Wish Health. You just need to ask your doctor to add your prescription to the portal and you will be able to view it anytime from anywhere.

Provides you blogs from experts

Our Wish Health blogs from the experts keep you informed and helps you in becoming aware of different types of health problems.

Why choose us?

Wish Health tries to create a society which is healthy and prosperous. This is one of the reasons why the patients that get attached to us become a part of a healthy environment. Therefore, if you want to stay fit and have a control over your healthcare, then choose Wish Health. This is a patient-friendly healthcare portal that links you to your doctor.

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