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Dentists in Zirakpur – Are you looking for the best Dentists in Zirakpur? Contact WishHealth. At WishHealth Dental Clinic in Zirakpur, our dentists are committed to offering you state-of-the-art dental treatment services at an affordable price.

Our dental clinic in Zirakpur has advanced and high tech equipments like RVG, Lasers, and Oral Scanners. CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology. We also digitally store our patient’s details and dental history in our database, so that it is useful for future dental treatments in Zirakpur and follow-ups. Thus, your chase for the best dental clinic in Zirakpur stops at Wish Health.

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Best Dentist near me – One of the common questions that most of us ask or search for, before visiting a Dentist.

“Best Dentist near Me” is the most commonly asked question or Searched on Internet, when you have severe pain in your teeth.

At that time, you also look for a dentist near me, when you don’t have severe pain in your tooth but when you are concerned about other dental problems like:

I don’t like the look of my teeth.

My teeth are crooked, so not able to smile confidently.

My teeth look yellowish, need to be whitened.

I can’t eat my favorite food properly as I don’t have enough teeth now.

There could be different reasons why you would need to visit a dentist, however, more often it is driven by some severe toothache.

Root Canal Treatment

Normally, You can select a general Dentist for regular teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental check-ups, and fundamental oral health issues. But when it is about severe pain, a General Dentist can’t solve the issue permanently.

It is found that when you have severe tooth pain, a large portion of the cases lead to a possible root canal treatment.

And if your tooth pain is a Root Canal Treatment case, an Endodontist (root canal Specialist) would be the best who take necessary steps as required. In the method, the Endodontist would also help you preserve your natural tooth.

Dental Implants

Losing your teeth will make you feel uncomfortable while smiling, eating or staying in public. It negatively affects one’s self-esteem and daily activities.

Dental Implants are the recommended option for you to get to healthy and natural teeth. Dental Implants allow you eating, smiling, laughing, talking and enjoying all of your everyday activities naturally.

Teeth Braces

Many People face dental issues like Overcrowded or crooked teeth, too much space between teeth, jaw misalignment problems that cause an uneven bite.

Different types of teeth braces are dental appliances that orthodontists use to overcome the crowded and misaligned teeth Problems.

Why Choose Wish Health?

Most dentists will refer you to other Dental Clinic for certain dental care services, but we provide all Dental Service under one roof, from laser gum surgery and Invisalign clear braces to dental implants and bone grafting. We take the health of your teeth seriously, and we are committed to providing the most outstanding customer care in Zirakpur.

With over years of experience, you can count on our excellent general dentistry services to protect your oral health. So, if you’re looking for the best “dentist near me” for a dental check-up then look no further than WishHealth to find the best dentist and best Dental Clinic in the Zirakpur!

Welcome to Wish Health Clinic – World Class Orthodontic Treatment Clinic in Zirakpur

Wish Health Clinic welcomes you!

We’re glad you and your dental health & Orthodontic braces concerns to our skilled hands. We’ll make sure to deliver the best possible healthcare to all our patients! Obviously, we always complement our main services with a customer service oriented approach.

We truly accept that visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a frightening or stressful experience! We give an equally comfortable experience of relaxation for all our young and adult customers! Also we providing painless orthodontic braces and shorter duration of treatment are our key expertise. Everything we do is aimed at making you feel comfortable, while we take care of your oral healthcare!

When it comes for designing a perfect smile we have all modalities and different treatment options at affordable cost. Another important factor we manage very well at Wish Health is duration of braces treatment; we do all possible efforts to minimize it so that you don’t have to carry metallic smile for years. All in all we got it all under control at our Wish Health!

We invite you to get the information about our dental clinic on our website! Feel free to read our terms and conditions and all the additional info we have posted here.

Once our customer, you will be leaving our dental clinic with a bright, wide smile!

Best Orthodontic Treatments in Zirakpur

Orthodontic is a highly predictable successful treatment. Depending upon the various factor likes malocclusion of teeth (misalignment in teeth) or irregularity of patient, Orthodontic treatments may occur in different steps.

There are so many benefits of correcting misaligned teeth. Straight & clean teeth are improved self-confidence. The perfectly aligned teeth further improve the biting, chewing and speaking functions of the jaw. There are several types of irregularities like:

Overbite – In this case, lower teeth are overlapped by upper teeth.

Underbite – It is a condition in which the lower teeth and jaw grow in front of the upper teeth.

Crossbite – In this case, some of the upper teeth may close inside the lower teeth rather than happens due to thumb sucking and mouth breathing.

Overcrowding – some adult teeth are incorrectly and become rotated. Crowding of teeth occurs when you don’t have enough space for your teeth to align properly. Overlapped and twisted teeth are the example of overcrowded teeth.

The Stages of Orthodontic Treatments:

The Orthodontic treatment takes time between six to thirty months to complete. Treatment time will be depend upon the classification of the malocclusion also on the type of dental devices used to correct it and perseverance of the patient

Stage 1: Planning Stage

The orthodontist makes diagnosis to realign the teeth most effectively and properly. The first several visits may result in the following evaluations:

Dental Evaluations: it is an initial part of the planning stage. The main motto of this evaluation is to ensure that the dental issues are completely under control before treatment begins.

Bite Impression: Taking the bite impression is to record the patient’s upper and lower teeth in the bite position. This helps in the making and fitting of crowns, dentures etc. material such as wax or high durometer polyvinyl siloxane is used to take a bite impression

Panoramic X-rays: Dental x ray opg are for viewing potential complications or pre-existing damage to the jaw joint. Panoramic X-ray creates a single image of the complete mouth including upper and lower jaws. These X-rays help the orthodontist to examine the exact position of each tooth and its corresponding roots.

Computer generated images: Such images allow the orthodontist to examine how specific treatments may affect the shape of the face and symmetry of the jaw.

Photographs: photographs by the dentist are usually taken before the treatment, during the treatment, and after the treatment. These photographs help the dentist to analyze the position of teeth .it also helps to assess how the treatment is progressing and is to predict the impact the treatment is having on the patient’s face shape.

Stage 2: Active Stage

The orthodontist usually recommends a customizable and removable orthodontic device to gently move the teeth into proper alignment. Removable devices are an alternative to fixed braces. Different types of orthodontic appliances include the Invisalign system, Reverse Headgear, facemask, Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE). These devices are designed to be worn for a specified amount of hours each day to expedite treatment.

The orthodontist will regularly adjust the orthodontic device, to ensure adequate and continual pressure is being applied on the teeth. Keep in mind It is always essential to visit the orthodontist at the regular intervals and immediately consult to your dentist if part of the device breaks or becomes damaged.

Stage 3: Retention Stage

When the tooth has been correctly aligned, Dental braces and orthodontic devices will be removed and orthodontic treatment discontinued. The most complicated part of the orthodontic treatment is now over. The orthodontist will next create a custom retainer for the patient. The main purpose of the retainer is to ensure that the teeth do not begin to starting shift back to their original positions.

Patient needs to be worn Retainers for a specified amount of time per day for a specified period. During the retention stage, the jawbone will reform around the realigned teeth to fully stabilize them in the correct alignment.

How much does orthodontic treatment cost in Zirakpur?

Orthodontic treatment is highly personalized based on both the orthodontist and the patient. Cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on your age and the type of orthodontic appliances you wear. Contact us to know more about orthodontic treatment cost.

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