Depression Affecting People Below 30 years Of Age

Sep 13, 2018 / wishhealth / Health

Depression- you must have heard this term before in your life through a friend or on social media networking sites. But are you well aware of what is it? What is depression? What are the reasons behind it? What are the initial signs of depression? In the social media era, we come across thousands of videos and campaigns promoting mental care and fitness. We all listen to it and watch with great curiosity but never understand it.

Depression is rising day by day, it may be happening to you right now. Depression is not a lifestyle choice. Let us explain depression in the easiest way, ‘Depression is when you are laughing on the outside but crying in the inside, it is when you want to remain silent but is talking, its when we pretend to be happy but are dead inside.’ It is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest which slowly stops a person from doing activities.

Depression is a wide and complex topic which is hard to explain and put in words. Only a person who is going through depression can understand it. Depression if caught in its initial stage can be defeated. But how can you come to know if someone is going through depression or not! As people who are going through depression tend to hide it unknowingly.

Still following are the signs of depression, people going through depression may feel the following:


• Increased fatigue:

Depression often comes with tiredness and lethargy which makes you less active. This is a part of the reason you stop doing things you love. A person going through depression can feel fatigue in a huge amount. Feeling tired will result in a lot of sleeping in depression.

• Hopeless:

Depression makes you blue. This is true, a person who is going through depression may get hit by life in general. He or she may consider life worthless. Other feelings which come along depression are; self-hate, guilt, worthlessness, etc.

• Loss of interest:

When a person stops doing the things he or she loves, it is a huge indicator of depression. Depression can take pleasure out of things. If you see your family member or friend hiding away from every social event does not take it lightly. Maybe it’s not a choice but a result of depression.

• Anxiety:

Sometimes anxiety can appear like depression, it is important to differentiate between both of them. Symptoms of anxiety include:

– nervousness, restlessness or feeling tense,
– a feeling of danger or state of panic,
– rapid heart rate,
– heavy breathing,
– muscle twitching or trembling.

• Mood swings:

One second you are feeling normal and next you are angry for no reason. Nothing outside triggered this emotional outburst, its just you. Being on the edge for a long time can be depression.

It is significant to understand that depression happens after a certain period of time. All of the above-mentioned signs are valid but if someone goes through them for a long period of time. Feeling sad or vulnerable is not depression but being sad for a year is.

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What causes depression?


• Genetics:

It is not yet known that how a person genetics is responsible for depression. But yes according to a lot of research, if a person parents had experienced depression, chances are that he or she may go through depression at some point in their life.


Physical, sexual and mental abuse can trigger depression in a person.

•Life events:

Certain life events can cause depression in a person such as an abusive relationship, a failed marriage, unemployment for a long period etc. Such life events if keeps on repeating in a person life can cause depression.

•Death or loss of a dear one:

Sadness or grief caused by the death or loss of a loved one can origin depression. Grief for some amount of time is natural but beyond a certain point is not healthy.


Drugs and alcohol can contribute to the depressive disorder. But some medications have also been linked to causing depression. These drugs are; anticonvulsants, statins, stimulants, benzodiazepines, corticosteroids, and beta-blockers.

Why people below 30 are prone to depression?

reasons for depression - wish health

People who are below the age of 30, (24-30) are more prone to depression according to a study. There are a lot of reasons for this, from study to the stress which comes along with finding a stable job. If we are to elaborate more, the following are the main reason behind rising depression:

•Academic pressure:

This is one of the most common reasons for depression growth in people below 30, the pressure to perform well in academics. Students receive pressure to perform well.


Another major reason for depression in people below 30 is a job! Stress to find a stable job in the early 30’s can be nerve wrecking. Some people can survive but others bow down to the pressure.

•Lower Income level:

It is another major and shocking reasons for depression in the young age group (under 30).


Stress is another major factor for depression. It is pretty common actually these days, some may say that it is a part of the lifestyle. Everyone has it but it does not mean it is healthy to have. Stress happens for a lot of reasons such as physical, mental and emotional changes.

According to some studies, almost 65 % of people (teenage) show signs of depression. Hence, they can be saved from falling into this pit.

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