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Oct 12, 2018 / wishhealth / Health Portals

The advancement in technology has transformed the healthcare industry, as the changes have certainly improved medicine, science, and life. It cannot be denied that the introduction of modern technology into science and medicine has helped improved the quality of medications, treatment and increase the people of surviving from the different diseases.

The most crucial aspect is to find the specialised doctor as per the disease of the patient. And there are a number of factors that need to be considered before selecting the doctor including experience, qualification, skills, professionalism, and location of the clinic. And this search for the doctor has become easy with the online website portals.

There are a number of website portals which are helping the patients to reach to their required doctor at their convenience. These portals are the best companions to patients, offering various features like an instant appointment, health tips, medicines reminders, store health records and many more. All these features can be achieved through a single portal-WishHealth. It is a single cloud-based platform, which is helping both the patients and doctors to connect in multiple and numerous ways.

With the busy world, it is difficult to get the appointment as per your desired time. Waiting in a queue can consume a large percentage of the working day. This means patients can be left waiting at the front desk- or at the end of the mobile phone.

Therefore, web-based appointment scheduling is a great idea for both doctors and the patients that can save their time. It can help to even out workflows while respecting the needs of patients and meeting demand. Web-based systems are able to streamline medical practice management by reducing the load upon the front desk and office personnel. It also provides 24/7 patient scheduling cost-effectively as well as safely and securely.

Here are few benefits that the patients can have with the web-based appointment scheduling:

online appointment

Dedicated Service

The online website portals offer an effective alternative to both doctors and patients. The associated benefits have made individual medical practitioners as well as major hospitals and clinics to utilize these systems.

Fast and Efficient way

In online appointment scheduling, the patients have access to schedule 24/7 as you can book appointments anytime. There are no busy signals, no telephone tag, and no guessing at what time works best for everyone.


In some cases, the physical meetings are not required as the patients can ask the queries directly on chat. The patients do not need to take time to visit the doctor especially as all their health-related queries can be sorted easily. Another way to connect with the doctor is through video conferencing which is the most convenient way to connect with the best doctors.

Patient Appointment Reminders

The website portals can generate email patient appointment reminders as well as send text reminders in addition to automated reminder calls. The process of automated scheduling provides a highly cost-effective service which can free up personnel allowing them to devote more time to patient care.

Accessible from Anywhere

Just think you are getting an email which let you know when someone has booked an appointment with you? Or you can schedule from anywhere which includes your home, office, or on the go from your iPhone or iPad and Smartphone.

This is all the patients can have the access by schedule through a web browser which means that patients can have access anytime.

There is a very common issue that must have happened with many patients that at the time of scheduling an appointment, they have to wait with the two words “Hold On!” Honestly, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting on the call! On the other hand, the situation is difficult for medical front staff, which is busy tackling other tasks and has to answer the calls at the same time.

Therefore, online patient appointment scheduler is the best tool available with Wish Health. It is like an all-time available virtual medical receptionist that serves a patient appointment booking system and performs many other tasks. The patients only need to log into the system and book their appointments from anywhere, anytime! This does not require any human assistance and hence, no errors.

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Here are a few other benefits that you can avail with WishHealth:

online health portal- wishhealth

Wish Health is a single and conventional resource required for both the patients and doctors who require coming in contact with each other. With our portal, the patients do not need to make a separate search on Google for their specified doctor. All types of specialised doctors are available along with their contact details so that the doctors can choose the best according to their needs.

Also, Wish Health ensures that the conversation between the doctors and the patients will remain confidential whether it is a query, medical record, test report or any other information, it will remain in between the doctor and patient only through encryption.

Finding a doctor with WishHealth will save you from a regular visit to your primary care physician, which is required for your overall health and well being. It may be possible that when you get sick or injured, you may need to seek immediate help through an urgent care center. This is where online consultation helps!!!

You do not need to worry about reaching to the doctor physically at the initial stage, as you can gain access to a wide range of trained and experienced medical professionals without travel a step outside of your home. It is not only effective but affordable doctor finding solution.

You cannot predict health issues which can affect a person anywhere and at any time. However, most of the clinics and hospitals have fixed consultation hours due to which patients have to wait for a consultation and in the case or any urgency; their health can possibly become worse. On the other side, with the online consultation portals, the patients need not worry about the consultation days or hours as doctors are available 24/7.

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