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Aug 22, 2018 / wishhealth / Healthcare

Health is wealth! Only a person who is going through health issues can understand this popular phrase. As a child, we enjoy high energy levels and good health. As we grow up certain health issues may surround us. Some of them may be tough to solve and others may be easy. But at all stages of life, we become more aware of the impact of good health. Every person in his or her life wish for better health. Having a good health does not mean not falling ill, it is beyond this concept. But we all have this perception of good health which restricts us to be fit. Good health is beyond having a flat stomach, and a glowing face.

The word ‘health’ refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well being. It can be defined as physical, emotional, mental strength. According to some other researchers, health has been defined as the ability of a body to adapt to new threats and infirmities (physical and mental weakness).

In today time where social media has become a huge part of our regular life. Finding anything which we need can seem easy but it’s not. No doubt we have a lot of options to search our required needs such as social media various platforms, website every business have a website now, through our friends and family. But finding a good doctor can be a little tough. A good doctor is someone who does not rush with you and understand your problem patiently.

Earlier, people used to go to hospitals and stand in a queue to see a doctor. Now, people have moved on from this old method and have adopted a new and easier way. They are tilting towards such platform or app which help them to get easier access to the best of doctors and have smooth appointment booking.

Finding a good doctor can seem pretty hectic especially when it comes down to your kids. Do not worry we can give you some tips and guide you in finding a good doctor. Following are some steps which can help you find a good doctor:

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  • Get a 24 hours a doctor: Stick to your insurance plan and those who do not have a health insurance go and get one, it is the need of the hour. Be in touch with a doctor who can become your constant. You should be able to communicate with your doctor unless its no benefit.
  • Good communicators: Good doctors are good communicators and more importantly they are good listeners. If you cannot communicate confidently with your doctor then it can affect your whole treatment procedure. Be sure to continue with a doctor who calmly listens to you and understand your main concern.
  • Supportive: A good doctor is a supportive doctor, who can support you when you are worried about your kid, parents, spouse or yourself. By reassuring you that everything will be fine in the end and not just for the purpose of being formal.

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What is patient care?

Patient care refers to the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the prevention of physical and mental well-being through services offered by healthcare professionals. To care for a patient first you have to understand the proper meaning of it. Patient care consists of service provided by health care professionals for the benefit of the patient. In such matter, a patient is a user of the health care. As a healthcare professional, you should be aware of the principles of patient-centred care. They are the following:

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• Respect for patients values, preferences and expressed needs:

Recognize the factor that patients have their own set of values and opinion. Treat patients with dignity, respect, and sensitivity. Showing sensitivity towards a personal health condition should be a top priority of a doctor. Remember pity and sympathy are polls apart.

• Education and information:

A lot of patients have expressed worry that they are not well aware or educated about the problem/disease they are going through. To counter this fear a doctor can focus on two kinds of communication:

 -Information on clinical status, progress, and prognosis.

-Educate a patient how can he or she take care of themselves.

• Physical comfort:

Physical comfort matters the most for a patient and it should matter to a doctor as well. The level of physical comfort affects a patient experience. Following are the factors in which physical comfort matters the most:

 -Pain management.

 -Assistance with daily activities.

• Access to care:

A patient needs to know if he or she can access care whenever they need it or not. Ease in scheduling appointments, available staff, transport facility are some factors of patient care

Today you can get in touch with any doctor or hospital through just a call but it’s only the first step. There are a lot of websites nowadays who claim to provide the best patient care. But as a first-time health app user you must keep in mind the pros and cons of using patient care. There are a lot of things to consider sincerely, such as if the patient care providers available according to patients need or not etc. Yes, online portals can improve patient care, through the use of these portals; a person can immediately get in touch with a doctor, can access his or her medical reports, thus keeping health record easier.

One of the best patient care portal is WishHealth, it allows patients and doctors to connect in different and multiple ways. WishHealth provides doctors with the necessary information related to their patients. WishHealth provides patient care beyond the clinic, it helps a person to find a doctor. WishHealth portal also helps in booking appointments, view prescription anytime a patient wants on the app, it also helps a doctor to give suggestion to their patients as to what kind of tests they should do. Besides all of the above-mentioned benefits, WishHealth also reminds patients about their appointments and test appointments.

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