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Nov 29, 2018 / wishhealth / Health

Most of us are of the opinion that our oral health is only dependent on how we take care of our oral hygiene, whether we visit the dentist regularly or not, etc. But, the truth is far from it! Although these aspects help in maintaining our oral health, there is a lot more that goes into building healthy teeth and a sparkling smile. The food we eat, the lifestyle we follow all determine how our oral health will be.

Oral health is not taken as seriously as other health issues by most people. However, it should not be taken lightly as our “Mouth” can serve as a gateway into our body for certain diseases.

Let me highlight how certain lifestyle factors affect our oral health:

factors affect our oral health


As is apparent, the food that we eat directly impacts our teeth and gums. Foods that high in sugar or carbonated drinks lead to plaque and cavities which are detrimental to our dental health. The carbonated drinks are acidic and they erode away the dental enamel. The fact remains that these types of unhealthy food and drinks are advertised extensively attracting consumers leading to poor oral health.

In recent times, there is a trend among people, especially the youth to prefer the readily available fast foods instead of a preparing and consuming a balanced meal. Again, the ingredients in the fast-food are not very friendly for our oral health.

There are numerous companies marketing a wide variety of chocolates to the little children. Well! The fact remains that little kids can’t resist chocolates and this affects their oral health.


Smoking is known for causing a number of serious diseases. However, a few people realize the impact of smoking on their oral health.

One of the most apparent effects of smoking is staining of teeth. The teeth turn yellow and over a period of time, they turn brown. Smoking leads to bacterial plaque leading to gum diseases. And, gum disease is one of the major causes of teeth loss.

Consumption of tobacco is proven to be a major cause of oral cancer.

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Consuming Alcohol:

Although a moderate amount of alcohol consumption is considered healthy, heavy drinking has serious implications for our overall health. And, our oral health is not spared by alcohol either. Some of the common problems alcohol consumers face are gum diseases, tooth decay, and mouth sores. Alcohol is found to be one of the major causes of oral cancer. In fact, people who consume alcohol are found to have higher plaque levels leading to teeth loss.


Most of us know that stress impacts various aspects of our health, but we rarely associate it as a cause of poor oral health. But, the fact is stress, directly and indirectly, impacts our oral health.

Direct effects of stress on our dental health include:

  • Teeth grinding which damages our teeth and enamel.
  • Stress negatively impacts our immune system making our gums vulnerable to gum diseases.
  • Stress and the medicines used for treating it can lead to dryness of the mouth leading to tooth decay, infections, and gum diseases.
  • One of the most common indirect impacts of stress is leading the affected individual to eat food that is high in sugar content. Stress also leads to substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol, etc.

These are some of the major lifestyle factors that contribute to major oral health issues. In order to address any problem, it is necessary to become aware of it. After we know the effects of various lifestyle problems, the next step is to reflect on which of these are applicable in our case and address them.

A general rule is that anything in moderation is fine and excessive use of certain things such as food items or drinks impact our lives in more ways than one.

What lifestyle changes can be made to improve our oral health?

We should start with young children. They should be introduced to healthy eating and avoid junk or sugary foods. Of course, they can indulge once in a way but such food categories should not become a habit. Also, the habit of maintaining good oral hygiene should be inculcated in them. They should be encouraged to brush twice a day and proper way of brushing should be taught to them. They should be taken for regular dental check-ups to maintain their teeth.

As far as adults are concerned, habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol should be given a serious thought. Smoking is one habit that does more harm than good not only for oral health but also for other health issues. Drinking carbonated drinks is popular among both adults and little kids. These drinks should be consumed in a controlled manner to protect your teeth.

Consuming a moderate quantity of alcohol is considered healthy. However, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause various health issues including damage to the teeth and mouth. Hence, alcohol consumption should be managed so that it does not harm your oral or overall health.

Most of us feel stress cannot be avoided in life. However, due to increasing stress levels in the society, there are numerous organizations and institutions that offer stress management solutions. Stress is detrimental not only to our oral health but also our overall health. Hence, it is definitely worthwhile to invest our time in learning ways to cope with it.

Just as in the case of small children, adults also need to maintain a good oral health regimen. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist.

The best way to enjoy good health which will also lead to good oral health is by going back to the basics and simplifying our lives. We need to adopt lifestyle changes that will focus on simple living, healthy eating, and a simple exercise regimen. These will reduce the very causes that lead to poor oral health.

Of course, lifestyle changes will help in improving oral health, but the importance of a good dentist cannot be ruled out. Six-monthly dental check-ups with a reliable dentist ensure prevention of serious oral problems. The dentist will be able to check and take care of dental problems at the initial stage and avoid major dental problems. He will also do the cleaning and polishing as and when required to ensure that you have a smile that sparkles with health.

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