How can Health Care be Simplified with Wish Health?

May 28, 2018 / wishhealth / Health Portals

With the advancement in technology, the number of healthcare portals is increasing day by day. They can have a huge impact on our present-day lifestyle. Such platforms can turn out be an asset for tech-savvy patients. They help in simplifying and streamlining the experience of the patients and their caretakers.

Healthcare portals enable you to search across a wide range of doctors and physicians so that you can easily connect to the most suitable one. In this digital age, when everything revolves around gadgets such as mobile phones, tabs and laptops, it becomes a lot easier to search your health provider through online apps and websites.

What do you mean by patient portals?

A patient portal is an online platform which helps the users to quickly search their physician in their desired location. It is generally a website or an app that which helps you keep a track record of your medications, appointments and all the necessary information.

Online Portal

Why should you use online health portals?

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using online portals

Reduces incidents of no shows:

The most important benefit of using an online health portal is that it not only helps in scheduling an appointment but also provides a constant reminder to visit the doctor.

You can easily schedule and book an appointment online. This facility helps to save your time as you do not have to wait in long queues. With just one click you can fix your appointment.

Most of the patients tend to forget the appointment with their doctors. Online health portals send email or text reminders beforehand so that the patient remains updated with their upcoming appointments. You can easily review your appointment and make any changes if required.

Improves patient engagement:

Healthcare portals can help to take patient involvement to a higher level. The reason for this is, patients are able to access all the information more easily and readily. All the test results can be viewed online without any inconvenience. You do not have to visit the clinic and waste your time. It also helps to improve transparency in the system.


More efficient

Using patient portals is a more efficient mode of keeping a track of record of patient’s records. The administrative tasks can be completed in less time as compared to traditional methods. This is because patients are allowed to make their own appointment with a single click! It helps to streamline the customer experience and saves the time of the staff. In traditional methods, the staff keeps a record of the patients and schedules their appointments. They have to talk to the patients or their caretakers leading to wastage of time. In case of patient portals, the extra time can be utilised for other important tasks.

Improved communication

A patient-doctor relationship can be improved with the help of healthcare portals. Most of the people hesitate to ask about small concerns with their in-person doctor because the visits are too brief. If you have your account at the patient portals, you are liable to ask even some small issues or concerns through messaging or chatting. You can easily schedule visits with your doctor which helps in strengthening your relationship with the doctor. This can help to increase your recovery rate and ensure better health.

About Wish Health

Wish Health is one of the best online portals that can help you to refine your search. It provides an easy access to various health providers so that you can easily choose the most suitable one according to your requirements. This online platform will enable you to search across the network and save your precious time.

How does Wish Health work?

Helps you search doctors

The online health portal will help you search for the doctors in your locality. It provides a brief description of the name of the doctor, his specialty and other important details. Wish Health also enlists the clinics associated with the doctors and provide their working hours. In this way, you can visit the doctor during the working hours without wasting any time.

Make an appointment

You just need to select the clinic as well as the doctor. View the available time of the doctors and select the suitable time slot. Once the time is selected, you have to book and confirm the appointment. Make sure you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to avoid any inconvenience. In this way you can save your valuable time. With this wonderful platform, you do not need to stand in long queues!!

View online prescription

The doctor will prescribe some medications which can be easily viewed in your records online. You can easily access them through the website or app. Now you don’t need to store any prescription papers as there is an online record of everything! You can easily take a print out and visit the chemist to buy your prescribed medications!

Medical Prescription

Do not forget to view suggested tests

After analyzing your medical condition, the doctor may suggest some tests which can help you determine the underlying cause. These tests will be readily available on your app or the website. The healthcare portal may also suggest diagnostic centers near to your place. The suggested labs or diagnostic centers conduct the test at affordable prices. You can get all the required information about the tests and diagnostic centers at the same place! This will help you save your time.

Get constant reminders

We will make sure that you do not miss out on your appointments. We will give constant reminders for not only for your appointments but also for the medications. Our team will add them to your calendar and provide frequent notifications on your mobile through text or mail. We aim at helping you recover faster and improving your health.


Our website contains many blogs which can help you keep updated regarding health issues and their causes. This can be beneficial for you in every way.

Wish Health aims at improving the overall health of the patients. If you want to search for a healthcare provider in your locality, visit our website. It will help you to make your search faster and more efficient.

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