How Online Health Portals / Applications Help A Doctor Manage Clinic And Patient Data?

Jun 09, 2017 / wishhealth / Health Portals

Simplify the working of your clinic by starting patient online health portals. These portals help you in handling patient’s data in an eminent manner. With the advent of patient portals not only many patients find it easy to make appointments, but also doctors find it easier to handle medical reports of the patients. Here each and every time when a patient visits the doctor then the medical entry is done, which gets stored in the database, thereby making it easier for doctors to view the patient’s medical history. This way, when the patient comes to the consultation with the doctor, then the doctor is able to recognize the patient with the help of the stored medical data. This is why today many doctors, even running a small clinic have started preferring online health portals for the patients as well as for themselves.

pros of patients portal

Pros and Cons of Online Health Patient Portals

Nothing is absolute in this world, everything has its positives and negatives. The important thing to consider is that the benefits involved in the process are far more than the limitations or not. The shortcomings sometimes are not too difficult that you can’t overcome it. In the case of online health portals, the advantages involved are great and mutual for both the patients and the doctors.

Pros of Patients Portal:

The best thing about adopting online health portals is that it enables the doctor and the provider of the service to enhance the quality of patient care. There are innumerable benefits of this kind of web portal. They are:

  • Determines Better Communication: Sometimes the communication gap between the doctor and the patient hampers the smooth functioning of the clinic. Patient’s portal bridges this gap and ensures that a doctor is able to manage his or her patients with online documentation. For instance, you are a gynecologist and your patient is a pregnant woman who is usually having some trivial issues every now and then. In order to help her, you have given your number to her but this doesn’t seem to be a solution, instead, it has more worsened the situation. As many times due to your busy schedule, you as a doctor find it difficult to explain her things on phone thereby creating a communication gap. With the help of patient portal, you are able to resolve her issues and answer her queries via secured mail system. Furthermore, as a doctor, immediate feedback aids you in improving your service and the patients registered on the online health portal are able to provide you with regular feedback.
    doctor and the patient
  • Refer to Patient’s History Anytime: At any time in this field, things could go worse with your patient and you could land in a situation where you are required to refer to the history of your patient instantly. Here, the online health portal comes handy for you, as it eases the search of the patient’s history. You just have to look into the patient’s registered number and can view the history easily. Moreover, the information added here are more accurate and authentic. The lab tests of patients done by the hospital are all accumulated here in one place, thereby making it easier for you to analyze the situation of the patient impeccably.
  • Builds up Trust between the doctor and the patient: The online health portals give patients a perspective that nothing is hidden with respect to their health issue. This adds a sense of ownership in their mind as now, they are openly a part of the decisions their physician is making and empowering them a say in it. They are no more a passive recipient of care, from now on wards; they are more of an active partner in their health care decisions. Especially in the cases of organ donation, the patients can see the registered name of the one who is donating the organ and it increases the trust of the patient on the doctor which again, is good for the doctor in proving his credibility.
cons of patients portal

Cons of Patients Portal:

There are not many disadvantages of this portal and most of it could be resolved barring few which are related to the technicalities involved in it. They are:

  • Usage of Internet involved: Not all of your patients are tech-savvy and therefore it becomes hard for you to manage two different types of patients, the ones who are using patient’s portal and the others who are not using it. Internet access is again a hurdle that creates a problem, even for those who are registered on it. The internet access could be resolved, but asking those patients to use health portal who are not well acquainted with internet usage is a serious issue which is indeed a difficult task to resolve.
  • Not Appealing for Most Patients: This is one of the issues which would get resolved eventually with the advancement of time. For many patients, it appears to be a tedious task to handle these health portals. The old patients find it difficult to adapt to this technology-driven method. For them, the conventional way is easier to handle. They would prefer bringing all their reports as hard copies instead of the soft copy available online. Many a time, even for some doctors handling these portals becomes a trouble as they are not ready to give it a try.
  • Data Security Concerns: This drawback is involved with all technologically driven things, i.e. the security of data. Many patients reluctance in using these health portals is also the result of insecurity involved with these portals. There is a probability that a potential hacker might get access to a patient’s data and make them vulnerable to identity theft. This issue is perhaps not at all a problem if the providers of the health portals use a safe and secure system for this. The hacking is a trouble for those who do not take the security of information seriously. Those who are highly concerned with the security of the data, then no mishaps would occur.

Aforementioned points make it crystal clear that any doctor who is concerned about his or her patient well-being, then they would opt for the online health portal and make sure that they promote it too among their patients, in order to manage the patients efficiently.

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