How Top Mobile Apps Transform a Visit to the Doctor?

Feb 14, 2018 / wishhealth / Medical Apps

Mobile applications have pervaded most of the health care like any other domain. This is because the potential enterprise mobility in delivering high-quality patient care is huge. Nowadays, mobile devices have enabled access to the patient’s data in a way that was not possible before. Healthcare all over the world is going through a big transformation. The objective of new policies and regulations is to reform, patient care and broaden the reach of medical services. In today’s technological era, almost all businesses want to gain the smart-phone advantages to get more efficient in their services and gain lucrative profits. Owing to the latest outstretch of mobile apps, various medical professionals are including the healthcare institutions. They seek to use them as a tool for augmenting the performance as well as the facilities of their clinics catering to the needs of patients easily and seamlessly.

Comparison of traditional and app-based healthcare systems:

S.No. Criteria Traditional Healthcare Methods Healthcare Apps
1. Finding a Doctor Patients had to check references and research to find good doctors as per their needs. Patients can easily find a doctor with a click. The App guides them to the best doctors in their vicinity.
2. Seeking Appointments This entailed making endless calls and waiting for appointments. Mobile Apps have simplified the process by making it convenient to seek appointments through the device. Moreover, the App also sends reminders.
3. Diagnosis Earlier the doctor could access the medical records of the patient only on his visit and diagnose. Apps provide the doctor medical records so that the doctor has an idea about the patient’s condition prior to his visit.
4. Monitoring Health Doctors were not able to monitor the health of their patients. Mobile Apps have made it possible for doctors to monitor the health of their patients.
5. Tests Patients had to keep track of the tests that had been recommended by the doctor. It is easy to have a record of all the tests suggested by the doctor and proceed with them.
6. Medication Patients had to keep track of their medication. The App keeps track of when the medicines need to be administered and sends reminders to the patient.

With iOS & Android applications already transposing entertainment, finance, retail, travel/tourism as well as education sectors, it is obvious that this dominant app economy has surely influenced the healthcare businesses exceptionally. Well, for those who still wonder how mobile apps are playing a significant transforming role in the healthcare province, here are some of the advantages of these apps-

Offers easy search

It is very exhausting for the patients and their families to find a reliable doctor in the proximity who can provide treatment and remedies for their health problem. Apps have gone a long way in easing this tiresome journey of finding a good doctor for the patients. You are able to login into the app to search for doctors as well as clinics of different categories in any locality. You can view their ratings, testimonials from previously visited patients and eventually book your own appointments.

Easy Search

• Get an appointment in a single click

Some of these apps were initiated by the concern of healthcare institutions in order to facilitate online appointments of their designated doctors. Such apps are a greater initiative to help people with 24 hours medical support, from the convenience of their iPhones and smartphones. Over the apps, patients can register to talk with doctors, talk about their health concerns and ask questions and get answered in the same. Thus, such apps have come as a great relief for patients who possibly could not reach a doctor when in urgent need.

Easy Appointment

Enhanced patient care

Along with the other healthcare apps that are fully customized to help people with diet charts, fitness tracking, or sleep time notifications, there are some others which directly contribute to the wellness of the ailing ones. For those patients who are diagnosed with multiple diseases, these apps have come a long way. It has become an easy way to track and record their health progress through the basic parameters such as- heart rate, sugar level, and blood pressure.

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Improvements in patient safety

The influence of digital apps in revolutionizing any business or approach can never be fully understated. Clearly, in health sector too, they have brought some contextual transformation and changed the way people engage with healthcare systems. Such apps have made healthcare safer by empowering the patients to manage their treatment. They are able to keep their personal medical records, update them timely, and share them with their doctors digitally before the visits. This helps doctors to get an idea of patient’s condition prior to their appointments and prescribe actions and medicines more carefully.

Patient Safety

When the whole world has come under the grasp of digital applications, failing to keep your business in pace with them will be sure your own loss. There’s no doubt that digital healthcare apps are making significant marks in delivering out-of-the-box patient care services. From scheduling appointments, monitoring medication progress to assisting the physicians in planning the treatment of their patients with real-time medical records. They are radically changing the delivery of healthcare services.

However, mobile technology has become one of the premier solutions to manage healthcare transformation successfully. The organizations that realized this fact and have already adopted these will sooner or later come out on top. So, what are you waiting for, just install the app and see for yourself?

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