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Apr 24, 2019 / wishhealth / Medical Apps, Medical Services

Dear All,

Let me introduce myself before I go on main point about the App. My name is Abhishek Kandivalikar, although you may not have heard of me, I have been working on and with Wish Health since it’s conception. I currently act as Chief Technology Officer for WishHealth, taking care of technology and how it is applied to help doctors. One of the fulfilling thing about my work is getting feedback from doctor’s about the baby I help deliver. There have been sometimes bad but most of the time great feedback from all our doctors and patients and that gives us encouragement to work hard towards our goal.

One of the constant feedback has been to our sales team has been about mobile App. With current India’s mobile adaptation and cheapest internet in world over mobile, it is logical for any company to have mobile offering. Our head of sales, Surjit Singh ji have been asking for the app for doctors for a while to me. Only reason we have been delaying the mobile app for doctor’s being, the usability.

Wish Health is platform where doctors can keep comprehensive records about patients like their test reports to images of their X-Ray, their prescription to their allergies. And to make things easier they are all in one single page. I was of firm opinion that this functionality is best suited to desktop or laptop, hence spending valuable resources on mobile App would be wasteful.

But after analysing the usage of website, it was more and more apparent that Wish Health is used by doctors mainly for appointment management and patient record management. These two functionalities can easily be on the App, rather it would help many Docs if it is on the app. Moreover it gives my team to do more innovation as mobile gives many more ways to interact with Doctors like notifications, managing the queue, uber like feature where Doc can know how much more time for patient to be in clinic etc.

One of the best feature mobile offers is ability to be offline for sometime. And synchronise data when connected to internet.

Now that we have decided to release the App, we are going to deliver the app to doctors in Agile way. It means they will get all great features in tranches. This means they get App early. It may not be perfect or have all capabilities on the first go. But it gets them started. Also it allows us to receive early feedback.

Looking at current plan we are not very far, we are looking at first “minimum value proposition” app by 18th May and then plan to release updated version every 3 weeks.

If you are doctor, hopefully you will enjoy the new App. If you haven’t joined Wish Health I sincerely encourage you to do so.

Most of all please provide me with the feedback on the website and App. Also any suggestions are more than welcome.

In next blog I will summarise the feature we are planning to release on App.

If you want me to cover any topic in blogs please feel free to reach out.

Your truly,


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