Thalassemia Specialist in Delhi

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Thalassemia Specialist in Delhi – If you are looking for a Thalassemia Specialist in Delhi, Wish Health can help you. We can help you to connect with the best doctor and fix an appointment with him.

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Thalassemia Specialist in Delhi

What is Thalassemia?

Normal Haemoglobin is essential for carrying oxygen in the human body. Thalassemia, the most common inherited single gene disorder in the world, are a diverse group of genetic blood diseases characterized by absent or decreased production of normal hemoglobin, resulting in anemia of varying degree.

Treatment of Thalassemia

  • Treatment involves regular blood transfusions that must be given every 4 to 6 to maintain a pre-transfusion hemoglobin level of 9 g/dl. Complications that may arise from regular blood transfusions include an overload of iron build up in vital organs causing diabetes, liver disease, and heart failure. Blood transfusion reactions and allow-immunization due to repeated transfusion are leukoreduced by using pre-storage leukodepletion (preferred) or by using bedside leukocyte filter.
  • The spleen may become so enlarged or overactive causing abdominal discomfort due to size and can lead to increased blood transfusion frequency. It is called Once this complication occurs it has to be removed by a surgery called splenectomy.
  • Iron overload can be controlled with regular medications reducing iron level. It is called iron chelation. It is done with injections of Desferal or nowadays with an oral drug called Deferasirox (Asunra/Defrijet). Deferasirox is available as an oral drug and is very convenient and effective for controlling this important complication. It needs to be started early in life and taking it regularly with monitoring of liver, kidney functions along with dose adjustment with a periodic assessment with a blood test- ferritin or sometimes with MRI of liver/ heart when organ dysfunction is suspected.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant from HLA matched sibling is the only curative therapy for thalassemia. Best results of 80-85% are achievable if done early in the course of the disease before complications set in. With the available transplant centers and experts in India, this has become the most cost-effective way of treating thalassemia major.
  • Prenatal fetal testing, while a mother with thalassemia is pregnant, is crucial to prevent baby birth from this disease.

Best Doctors for Thalassemia in New Delhi

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