The App Revolution in the Health Industry

Jun 28, 2018 / wishhealth / Medical Apps

Can you imagine your life without the use of mobile phones or internet? Most of you will answer a no. Have you ever wondered how the health industry was, before a decade when there were no smartphones, no computers, no laptops etc?

During the earlier times, the patients had to face many problems in finding the right doctor. There were no mobile phones and computers so they had to believe in references. Word of mouth was the only way to know whether the doctor was good or not.

The task of scheduling appointment was not at all easy. The patients had to make endless calls and wait for appointments. They had to travel long distances to get their problem treated. They had to stand in queues for the treatment. It was a major problem in case of emergencies as it took a lot of time to travel long distances.

Earlier the doctors could access the medical records and diagnose the condition only on the visits. They were not able to monitor the health of the patients properly.

Let’s get into the flashback and have a look at how the health industry has evolved over the years!

Health Industry

First medical records emerged in the 1920s

The medical industry can be traced back to the 1920s. This is the time when health care records first began. The doctors and all the medical professionals started using medical records to keep a track of the details, complications and outcomes of patient care. This helped them in managing their tasks.

40 Years Later: New approach:

A new approach had now begun. The most important technological innovation –computers led to a new approach in the health care industry. It was now easy to keep medical records. Treatment and diagnosis methods also improved. But in this era, only a few hospitals and medical practitioners used computers because they were not quite popular at that time.

Computers became more prominent in the late 1980s.

With the introduction of the computers, there was a dramatic shift in the health care industry. Now more number of hospitals could invest in computers which were a huge help in health care industry. It was now easy to keep medical records and billing and scheduling appointments became easier. With time the computers became more popular with the patients as well.

Internet was invented in 1990

In 1990, Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web. The evolution of internet was a major turning point in the health care industry. It was now easy to research any time of medical condition with the treatment.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones were introduced in 1983. But in India, the first mobile phone was introduced in 1995. At that time not everyone had access to these phones. Eventually, they became more popular and affected the health industry. With the help of these phones, it has become much easier to schedule an appointment and keep medical records.

Nowadays, no one can imagine his life without a mobile phone. It has become part and parcel of our lives. Along with it, the introduction of apps and health portals has made our lives much easier.

With this increase in digitalization, the health industry has seen a dramatic shift. There is a growing popularity of various health care portals and apps which has affected the health industry in a major way. They act as a tool which successfully caters to the health care needs of the patients. You can easily monitor your health and keep a track record of various tests which are to be conducted.

Let’s take a look at how these portals are affecting the health care industry.

Healthcare Industry

Easy to access medical records

These online health portals are not only beneficial for the patients but also the doctors. It helps the medical professionals to access medical records.

You can get accurate and complete data about your medical condition and the treatment. Sharing information on the portal will definitely save your time.

Communication made easy

Now the patients don’t have to travel for hours to book an appointment with the doctor. They can easily interact with the doctor online and discuss their problems. Patients can ask questions through messaging and clear their doubts. The health care provider will reply instantly. This helps in making the communication between the doctor and the patient much easier which is quite important.

Handles the tasks in an efficient way

A health care portal is a more efficient system of completing administrative tasks. It can also help to reduce the number of no-shows as most of the health care portals send reminders to the patients so that they do not forget their appointments.

Health care portals help in saving a lot of time of the patients and the doctors. The patients can easily view their test results without traveling long distances.


View prescription

Most of the health care portals allow the doctors to add the prescription to the system so that the patients can easily view it. You do not need to keep a stack of papers as they are difficult to manage.

The doctors may also add suggested tests in the records of your app. The health care portal will suggest diagnostic centers nearby your area along with the costs. This can make the process hassle-free for you.

These apps and health care portals have revolutionized the health care industry. Now you can find the best doctors in your vicinity. You can easily schedule an appointment with the click of a button! Such platforms are beneficial for the patients as they are streamlining the health-care process for the patients

Because of their various benefits, health care portals are growing in popularity. Wish Health is an online health-care portal which helps in searching the best doctor according to your problem. We will provide a brief idea about the doctor along with his area of expertise. We will also mention the working hours so that you can schedule an appointment accordingly. We use the latest technology to make your life simpler.

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