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Jun 09, 2017 / wishhealth / Doctor

The best doctor is the one you run to and can’t find.” – Denis Diderot (French Philosopher)

Finding the best doctor is something which is easier said than done. The intricacies involved with it are such that it appears to be a Herculean task. You keep running from pillar to post, but still, you fail to find the right doctor. Now, discover the right route to the right doctor with the help of internet. The internet is here to resolve this problem of yours in a smart way. Gone are the days of hard work, today is the era of smart work. So, why you are in slumber? It is time to get up and start your hunt for “The Doctor”.

the doctor

Who is “The Doctor”?

The term “The Doctor” used here is synonymous to the right doctor i.e. the one who is perfect to deal with your health-related issues. For instance, you are having a stomach ache and you don’t know whether to look for a simple physician or a gastroenterologist. Then what to do?

Mostly what happens, we just blindly go to a famous hospital and get an appointment with any physician? After going through all the hassles involved in this process of getting an appointment, you end up knowing that this doctor was not meant for you. Sometimes even the doctor is unable to diagnose your problem and asks you to get all types of tests done from ATOZ. Your time and money are wasted; still, your problem persists. Now, what to do?

Attributes of the Right Doctor

At this point, you feel frustrated and it is here that online search for the right doctor comes to your aid.

The right doctor or the best doctor helps you in taking medical decisions confidently. Your confidence in the doctor and his way of treatment also play a psychological role in speedy recovery. “The Doctor” guides you in the right direction in any health-related issue whether a chronic condition, surgery-related queries or a life-threatening illness.

Pros of Finding the Right Doctor Online

There are many advantages of finding a doctor online, as it not only helps you in saving your time but also helps you in not wasting your money. When you visit a doctor you spend a very little time in consultation. Most of your time is wasted in getting an appointment and waiting for your chance to come. This way saves you ample of time. The process of doctor consultation now no more appears as a tedious affair to you.

Many times it happens that we are not ill, but our parents are having diabetes or high blood pressure problem. This type of health issues requires regular consultation with the doctor and in such cases, you can’t change the doctor frequently, so it is better to choose the best doctor and relieve them and yourself from stress.

Cons of Finding Right Doctor Online

The myriad options available online is a boon, but sometimes it instead of resolving a problem creates one for you. You get perplexed that which doctor to go for the consultation and which one to discard. Further, your parents belonging to the old school are not ready to understand why you are taking such a risk. They prefer word of mouth and ask you to tell them that the doctor you are choosing has some positive testimonials from your friends and acquaintance or not.

This issue is not insolvable. You just need to follow some points while doing the search for the right doctor.

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Steps for Finding “The Doctor”


1.Physician Directories

The first and foremost step is to decide that what kind of doctor would be better for your treatment. This you can do by searching results with respect to your symptoms. You may search online that in this type of symptom what kind of doctor you should approach to. There are many websites that provide you this kind of help. Look for it and then move on to the second step.

2.Google Search

If you are clear with the first step, then now search the right doctor in the manner discussed here. Let us assume you live in Delhi and are having some heart issue, and then you will search on Google like this – intitle:” Heart Specialist Delhi”

When you search like this your search engine which here is Google, would open all the best results for you in Delhi. Make sure you never write “in” or use punctuation marks like “comma” in between Heart Specialist and Delhi.

3.Health Insurer Website

You can’t ignore the fact that the medical treatments involved these days are quite expensive. Therefore, you need to make a prudent decision while selecting the right doctor. In such case, you must check the health insurer’s website regarding physician directories that your health plan includes.

4. Check Board Certification

Do not get be fooled at the hands of doctors. It is highly advisable to do the background check on the doctor you are planning to go for treatment.

step to find doctor

5. Look for Disciplinary Actions

You must search that there is any negative or disciplinary action taken by the medical board regarding the practice of the doctor or not.

6. Look for Testimonials Online

You may find positive feedbacks from many patients online with respect to the doctor you are choosing in consultation. These reviews would give you a fair idea of the doctor’s way of handling patients and experience.

7. Make an Appointment

Lastly, make an appointment and get free from the hassles of waiting for long hours in the hospital vicinity. This would not only save your time but also your money. As now you will no more be skeptical about the doctor and you will be going prepared with your medical history.

make an appointment

The process of selecting “The Doctor” or the right doctor online is indeed the most competent and smartest way. If the aforementioned points are followed properly, then undoubtedly you will be in benefit from all corners.

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