Things happen: When You Quit Smoking?

Dec 26, 2018 / wishhealth / Health

We all have heard this phrase a million times that smoking is injurious to health, however, have you wondered how devastating its effects are on our body as well as on the brain. The people who are addicted to smoking develop a major risk of various heart and lung-related diseases. However, as the people are getting health cautious, many decide to quit smoking. Quitting smoking may seem easy but the addicted person goes through a lot of struggle while doing so, you must be proud of yourself for giving it a go!
Once you decide to quit smoking, you will notice physical, mental as well as social changes and that too very beneficial ones. Our body has an amazing ability that is healing, and this process starts as soon as you quit smoking. Have a look at a few benefits of quitting smoking.

  • When you quit smoking, re-wiring of your brain helps in breaking the addiction cycle.
  • There is a decreased risk of heart diseases and heart attack by lowering the blood pressure as well as the heart rate.
  • Lungs damage is irreversible, hence it is essential to quit smoking at early stages in order to prevent any serious damage to your lungs.
  • When you quit smoking you are more likely to get quality sleep and also, your immunity system begins to get stronger.
  • You smell better! One of the most vital benefits of quitting smoking is that you or your clothes do not smell of cigarette smoke anymore.

3 days 72 hours<

There are various benefits of quitting smoking, as it affects almost every vital part of our organ. That is why as soon as you quit smoking a complete step by step self-healing process is initiated in our body. Have a glance, how your body begins to heal itself right from the first few hours to the months and then years.

20 Minutes

20 minutes after the last cigarette, your body starts getting better. The blood pressure and pulse drop back to the normal level.

The fibers present in the bronchial tubes also start moving again as previously due to the constant exposure to smoke these fibers have difficulty in movement.

8 Hour

Carbon monoxide present in the cigarette smoke is one of the most dangerous chemicals for the human body. Within the 8 hours of quitting smoking, the oxygen particles begin to replace the carbon monoxide in the blood, thus the tissues and blood vessels now start getting enough oxygen.

24 Hours

Within 24 hours, the nicotine levels in your bloodstream also start decreasing. As the increased oxygen levels boost heart functioning, there is reduced constriction of veins and arteries. By one day, the risk of having a heart attack is reduced. In addition to that, your lungs have already started getting rid of smoking debris as well as mucus.

48 Hours

After two days, the highly addictive and toxic substance- nicotine gets eliminated from your body. As the previously damaged nerve ending starts to regrow, your smelling and tasting senses also gets better.

You might feel the urge to smoke, but you have to stick to your routine because this is the most crucial time when the withdrawal symptoms show up.

3 days/ 72 Hours

Within 3 days, you will notice that you breathe easily. This is because the capacity of your lungs to fill up the air increases, as the bronchial tubes inside the lungs have started to open up more. This in return aids in easy exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

One Week

The most important milestone in executing your quitting smoking plan is the time period is 1 week after your last cigarette. If you successfully cross this hurdle the success rate of quitting smoking increases.

You also might still have more cough than usual, however, do not worry as your lungs are trying to get rid of left gunk.

1 Month

In a span of one month, you will experience many health changes such as you cough less, anxiety and insomnia symptoms also seems to decline. The fibers in your lungs are now been growing healthy, these fibers reduce the building up of excess mucus and also protect against infections.

3 Months

During this time, your blood circulation improves and the risk of heart attack reduces even more. The Immunity system starts to recover, which now shields your body better to fight off the bacterial and viral infections.

In case of women, her fertility starts improving during this course of time.

1 Year

Treat yourself! You have successfully crossed 1 year without smoking. With this, your health improves a lot! The risk of heart attack and other related diseases decreases to half that of a chain- smoker. You cough very less or say negligible now as compared to your smoking days.

5 Years

It’s been a long time now, the risk of having a lung cancer has dropped by half as compared to the regular smoker. The arteries and blood vessels begin to widen, that reduces the stroke risk as well as you are less likely to have a blood clot.

10 Years

The chances of having bladder, cervical, throat or pancreatic cancer is very less that of a person who still smokes.

15 Years

15 years of being smoke-free, the risk of developing any coronary or other disease caused by smoking is now on par with that of a non- smoker. It is a great achievement as quitting smoking is not an easy task and requires lots of determination.

Our body has a great mechanism to heal, all you need is to do is to take care of yourself and have a determination. At first, you might be very disturbed and uncomfortable, however, with the course of time, you will realize that there are so many benefits of quitting smoking. Once you decide to have freedom from this addiction you will lead a happy as well as healthy life.

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