Things to consider while Building a Medical Mobile App for Finding Doctors?

Jul 28, 2018 / wishhealth / Medical Apps

Technological advancements have impacted the healthcare industry across the world, giving them a way to develop custom solutions according to their requirements. Since the medical field involves dealing with sensitive and complex data, both patients and health specialists are taking the benefit of extensively rising mobile platforms. There are various reasons why so many people are relying on mobile applications.

Below, let’s have a look at those:

Simplify the doctor finding process-

In the past, people needed to find a healthcare clinic by exploring the different options available in the proximity. They also needed to visit them for scheduling appointments or getting consultation on the health conditions, medication, nutrition level. Mobile applications have eliminated all those hectic tasks. Now, people are having an easy and convenient access to almost all the levels of healthcare.

Convenient way to interact with doctors-

Generally, patients face difficulty when they don’t have the same communication language. Healthcare mobile apps are designed to communicate with doctors by immediately translating their issues into the required language.


As medical mobile applications let patients search the best doctors without going anywhere, they can save their time. In this way, they can avoid remaining absent from their job or personal office. They can also do multiple things with just a click.

Money saving

With the mobile app, patients don’t need to visit a doctor’s place for getting the consultation or making appointments. So, they can save on transportation cost. All they need to do is simply install the application and enjoy doing everything online.

Tracking of personal health information
Tracking - health - information-Wish - Health

A healthcare mobile application provides healthcare specialists and patients with valuable health information. They can help them manage and track their own wellness to promote healthy living. Now, they can keep track of calorie, nutrition level, fitness, weight, heart rate. In addition to this, medical apps do allow to set up reminder notifications so that you never be out of the schedule.

With so many advantages, it’s good to develop a medical mobile application for finding a doctor.

Now, if you have decided to develop a mobile app for searching the best doctors, there are multiple things to consider.Here, you can explore all the required things to consider while building a medical mobile application:

What’s your goal behind developing the app!

It’s the most important thing to develop a mobile app. You must have a clear idea about your objective of developing a healthcare app and what elements you want to include in the app. Like, whether you want to build the medical application just for finding a doctor or also want to keep other features such as appointments, track their healthy living and making payments, etc. A clear understanding of all these things will simplify your application development process.

Targeted hardware

What platforms do you want to target? Whether you want to keep your app accessible through the smartphone only or using other devices like tablets and desktops, etc. The smart way is to optimize the app for all the platforms. Then, it can be run on almost every device.

Accuracy and reliability

This is the most significant factor to consider while building a medical mobile app. The application must be a reliable source for accessing the doctors. All the information provided by the app should possess a high degree of accuracy and reliability, and provide accurate information about the doctors.


User friendly Medical app - Wish Health

A medical mobile application must be simple, fast and easy to use. For this, you have to decide whether you want to use UX or UT. The app should be designed to allow patients to effortlessly search for a reliable doctor and track their health on their own. Also, focus on creating smart interfaces that let people connect with the health specialists during the emergency. You should also include the options, allowing the virtual conversation between them.

Equipped with location tracking

A medical mobile app must have the provision to track patient’s nearby location. This will help the patient’s search for a doctor in the proximity of their residences and they can get health care timely and quickly.

App Security

Security plays a critical role in the healthcare industry. Since, a visit to the doctor clinic is followed by the medical bills, lots of online transactions can be taken place between a patient and a doctor. Moreover, it may also include important information or medical reports. So, adding a security feature to your application is compulsory.

Paying attention to all these things can help you develop a medical mobile application that would be not only functional but also useful.

Here is a tip that can be helpful in the healthcare mobile application development:

• Know your target audience! Considering the requirements of potential audience can be proven key to the successful development process. So, try to focus on the end users. For this, you may have to spend time with the audience to clearly understand what they want. But, in the end, you would come out with the development of app which is unbeatable.
• Apart from this, study the drawbacks or issues that are found in the existing medical mobile apps! Figuring out this will help you design a successful mobile application that overcomes those shortcomings.

It’s all about the things to consider when building a medical mobile app for finding doctors.

To know more about how to develop a medical app for finding doctors, you can understand the concept behind WishHealth. It is an effectively designed single cloud-based platform for hospitals and doctors to manage their patients, appointments, and practices. WishHealth is designed using the cutting edge technology to allow patients and doctors to connect in an intuitive way. A team of very talented and experienced IT professionals have worked on the application and considered almost every requisite of designing a medical application for searching the doctors nearby your location. You can also take their guidance to build an application for finding the doctors.

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