What is best online doctor find portal in India?

Aug 10, 2018 / wishhealth / Health Portals

We are living in a world that is rapidly changing due to technological advancements. One of the great inventions of the science is the Internet. The role of the internet cannot be overstated. The Internet has become an extremely important and powerful source for the marketers to reach to their potential customers and target markets through the web.

It cannot be denied that behind any successful business, there is an effective online presence. The establishment of website portals has become a crucial part in the promoting the products/services.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in the number of internet users in India. As a result, people have also been encouraged to seek health information online giving rise to innumerable health and online consultation portals. The concept of seeking health advice online is quite effective and convenient. Consulting doctor online might seem not-so-effective option but indeed the most convenient option.

Here are few merits of consulting a doctor online

Easy Access

It is one of the major advantages of an online doctor consultation. It offers a flexibility to interact with the reputed doctors from any place and at any time. It is the easiest and fastest option for those who are living in a remote area or having no insurance.

Cost Effective

You can consult with a specialised doctor with just a click from your desktop or mobile phone. Basically, contacting doctor online will save you from traveling costs. You will be saved from finding extra time to visit a doctor and from paying hefty medical bills. An online doctor consultation costs less in comparison to a physical visit.


Privacy has always remained a matter of concern for the majority of the patients. There is no doubt that privacy is important especially for the patients suffering from any chronic disease or wants to discuss any critical medical condition or topic. The online consultation is beneficial for those who do not want to come out in the open with their illness or medical condition for the fear of rejection from society.

Be Heard

Majority of the patients complain that the doctors often end the session in a hurry without giving them a chance to clear all their doubts. This thing also makes difficult for people to understand the prescription. The major reason is due to lack of time at the doctor’s end, huge queue outside his office or other engagements that the doctor has to take care of. But this issue does not come in online consultation as patients get the exclusivity to spend maximum time discussing all issues patiently.

Round-the-clock Service

It cannot be predicted that at what time a patient needs a doctor’s assistance. So contacting the right doctor at right time is highly important. This essential factor can be best achieved through online consultation as the patients can have access to the doctors any time of the day.

There is no doubt that online doctor consultation is an easy and effective way to avail the services of a doctor. But the difficult part is to find the right and reliable source to avail the associated benefits. Wish Health is one of the leading doctor consultation portals in India. It gives the patients an approach to various physicians offering them medical answers and solutions. With WishHealth, the patients can easily find the required doctor at their convenience. They can spend sufficient time consulting a specialist without comprising on their time.

List of available doctors:

Available Doctors On WishHealth

• Dentist
• General Physician
• Cardiologist
• Gynecologist
• Psychiatrist
• Dermatologist
• Neurologist
• Urologist
• Ophthalmologist
• Sexologist

Is Wish Health worth considering finding a doctor?

WishHealth promises to deliver a coherent information management platform that will provide the compiled list of specialized doctors from different locations in a unified manner. Wish Health is a quick, reliable and centralized information source that helps the patients in an easy way.

Here are a few benefits that are associated with using Wish Health:

Best Online Health Portal- Wish Health

1. Ease of Search

Wish Health is a very conventional resource both for the patients and the doctors who want to come in contact with each other. The specialized doctors are now easy to find even if you are at your home or away from a doctor’s place.

2. Single Source

By using Wish Health, the patients no longer need to make different searches on Google. Wish Health is a single source through which you can have the complete details of a specialized doctor.

3. Convenience

Physical meetings are no longer required to contact a doctor. As the world is getting busier each day, people find it hard to visit the doctor unless it becomes the necessity. But with Wish Health, the patients do not need to take time to visit the doctor as all their health-related queries can be sorted easily. Also, there are various doctors who prefer to have video conferencing to connect in a better way with the patients.

4. Confidential

Wish Health ensures that the conversation between the doctors and the patients will remain confidential whether it is a query, medical record, test report or any other information, it will remain in between the doctor and patient only through encryption.

5. Easy Appointment Scheduling

The easy appointment is another important concern that every patient focuses on before selecting the doctor. But with Wish Health, it has become easy to book an appointment directly from the smartphones instantly. Moreover, the easy appointment helps the doctors as well by allowing them to plan their routine and other tasks effectively.

Wish Health not only facilitate patients as it also plays an important role for doctors or physicians. It helps patients to understand their conditions better and make it easier for them to find and talk to fellow sufferers. It also reduces doctor’s visits and allows the patients to directly communicate with their respective doctor’s online and mobile tools.

Wish Health is meant to help both doctors and patients with less cost overall, and much better patient care.

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