What is the best healthcare portal in India to search for a good doctor?

Mar 28, 2018 / wishhealth / Health Portals

Healthcare industry has progressed a lot since the time of independence. In fact, today it has become one of India’s largest revenue as well as employment sectors. The pace of this tremendous growth is quite high with respect to other industries. Perhaps, this expansion is the result of its strengthening coverage, services and embracing of latest technologies.

Interestingly, the Indian healthcare sector has added another feather to its cap by making digital technology a part of it. The patients now have an opportunity to connect easily with the doctors and get diagnosed as soon as possible with the help of healthcare portal.

What is Healthcare Portal?

Healthcare portal is a web-based online application that diminishes the gap between doctors and patients, thereby creating a smooth communication between the two ends of the healthcare sector. It is also known as a patient portal or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and aims at simplifying the processes of the healthcare industry. This application can be easily used on mobile phones and users can avail health care facilities 24×7.

There are innumerable benefits of these portals and that is why it is advised to download it as soon as possible. This is one of the reasons why you may find countless EMR options in the Indian market. However, selecting the best healthcare portal in India is still a Herculean task. This can become easy if before choosing a health portal, you consider the following points:

Helps You Search Doctor in Your Locality

In your city, there might be hundreds of general physicians, but you need someone that is the best and the closest to your abode. This means you need a patient portal that locates you to the nearest yet efficient doctor. This feature is something, which is difficult to find in any healthcare portal. Only a reputed and patient-friendly portal can offer you this service.

Keeps Patients’ Records in an Organized Manner

Another attribute of a patient portal is that it helps in keeping your records at one place. However, sometimes it is not easy to navigate where your health records are located in the portal. You need a healthcare portal that carries a user-friendly interface so that when you search for your health history, you can find it effortlessly. This is only possible if the portal keeps the records in an organized way.

Patients Records

Helps You Make an Appointment

When you want to get an appointment with the help of a portal, you just need to schedule it online. Definitely, this saves you a lot of time and you no more have to waste energy in phone calls. However, you must check that the portal you are opting for offers you appointment reminder alert facility or not. This is an important specification that many of you ignore. Although certain portals have other options such as filling of patient forms online, still they do not provide the reminder alerts. This is not good for you, as appointment reminders not only help in streamlining the patient’s visits but make sure that you do not forget your appointment.

Reminds You to Take Medicines

A reputed and consumer-friendly patient portal not only offers you a reminder for the appointment, but also for taking meds. It might appear to you a trivial thing but is quite important, especially for elderly patients. There are times when you have to take care that your parents or children have taken the medicine on time or not. Once you download a good healthcare portal, you do not have to depend upon your memory. In fact, you can concentrate on your work and when it is time for the medicines, you will get a reminder. This ensures that you do not miss any dose.


Help You View Prescription

You must choose patient portals that help you view your prescription anytime from anywhere. Furthermore, you must also ensure that the portal has a simple system for viewing your prescription. It must be placed in the same folder from where you may check your medical records. This way the access to the prescriptions becomes easier and you no more need to carry stacks of prescription papers to the Chemist store.

Help you View Suggested Tests

Any customer-friendly portal will help you have a look at the tests prescribed to you by the doctor. However, there are very few healthcare portals that suggest patients to the nearest and the best diagnostic centers. This way you can save ample amount of money and do not have to run here and there in search of diagnostic centers that perform tests of tentative costs. A good patient portal will also help you in understanding what kind of tests have been prescribed to you by the doctor.

Provides You Option for Adding Emergency Contact

Having emergency number saved on your phone is quite useful in adverse situations. Therefore, you must ensure that the patient portal, which you are choosing allows you to add an emergency contact. This way you can immediately make calls to those whom you want to contact in a problematic situation.

Offers You Blogs from Experts

These days there is no dearth of blogs online. Nevertheless, finding relevant and high-quality blogs from experts is not an easy thing to find. Furthermore, these blogs educate the patients and help them in making decisions related to their health. Hence, you must select a healthcare portal that offers you regular blogs from doctors or other experts.

Gone are the days when you have to run from one corner of the city to the other and sit for long hours in the Hospital, waiting for your turn to come. Now, you have Wish Health that takes care of all your health problems by helping you get in touch with the best doctor possible in your locality. It is the best healthcare portal in India to search for a good doctor and provides you all the aforementioned facilities. You can easily make an appointment and view your health records with the help of this patient portal.

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