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Jul 12, 2018 / wishhealth / Health Portals

Nothing is more important than taking care of your health. It is not a matter to ignore as bad health will make your life worthless. But despite knowing the importance of health, we ignore our health in our yearning for success and money.

High blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity, heart disease, headache, body ache, or fatigues are the most common health issues prevailing in the society. These common diseases have increased the demand for good doctors in the society. But choosing the good doctor is difficult for the people as the majority of people still stick to the old traditional way of searching the doctor.

The new technology has left no sector unturned and has transformed the medical field as well. These days the availability of mobile phones is on the increase and it has changed the lives of humans to a major extent. There are mobile applications specifically created for medical services. These mobile apps have brought revolution in the healthcare industry. These mobile apps offer a lot more convenience to keep track of personal health, monitoring, medication, dosing, recovery and also doctor consultation.

These advancements in technology have facilitated easy access to specialists whom patients can contact directly. Searching specialists for specific health issues has become easier with the internet facilities. These days in the medical health industry, the health portals are quite significant for online doctor appointment and advice in case of certain medical situations. With high mobility and good internet connectivity, it has become easier to search doctors and make appointments in just a few clicks. Using the internet for availing services helps in saving time, money, and efforts of the patients.

Among the huge variety of medical health facilities available on the internet, Wish Health is one of the leading portals connecting the best doctors with the needy patients.

Here are some features of WishHealth:

Health Portal

Easy Search

WishHealth has made the search for a good doctor near you is easy. You will get all the required details including the credentials, location, and availability of the doctor with us. All kinds of specialized doctors are available that a patient generally looks for.

Booking Appointment

The patients can check the availability and the working hours of the doctor before planning any visit. Wish Health offers an easy booking method by simply selecting the clinic and doctor with the available slot. With us, the patients do not need to wait in queue for hours to consult the doctor.

View Prescription

Wish Health believes in paperless work. Here the doctors will add the required prescription to the records of the patients. This has removed the need for prescription papers anymore.

View Suggested Tests

The doctors can start the treatment after knowing the symptoms. And there are a lot of patients that need the laboratory tests. Here the doctors will add the required tests to your records which can see on your app or website. The doctors also recommend the nearby diagnostic centers which perform these tests with tentative costs.

Get Reminders

There are a number of patients who need constant monitoring and alert, this is the reason wish health has started reminders. It is a quite useful feature for the patients as they can get a regular reminder for the medicines in form of a text message or email. It can be added to your calendar and will not let you miss an appointment.

What are the benefits of the internet in the Medical field?

Features of Wish Health

These days, it is very crucial for the doctors and the medical centers to connect with the patients’ records 24/7. By knowing the history of the patients’ disease, the doctors can treat their patients well. In such scenarios, mobility solutions help in keeping the patients at the highest level of priority and also help both patients and doctors in the following ways:

• Increases the focus of doctors on patient care and documentation.
• It minimizes the confusion between the doctors and patients on the given prescriptions.
• Better responsiveness and patient satisfaction.
• Streamlines communication with video and audio calling system.
• Integrating images, text and voice messages
• Simplifies collaboration among mobile staff to deliver faster and better results.

There is no doubt that such facilities are easy to use. And they are used by both doctors and patients. The associated benefits have increased the demand for these Apps as more health care providers and seekers are realizing the benefits from them.

Wish Health is a convenient way to secure your personal health information. Our patient portal plays an important role in facilitating both doctors and the patients.

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