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Yes with today's technological advancements it has become possible for you to get an expert advice on your medical condition wherever you are. Fix an appointment with a doctor by selecting the time that best suits you from the available time slots. Wish Health app connects the doctors and patients at one single platform where patients can find doctors in their locality with desired speciality and doctors can find information about their patients.

Moreover, this remote healthcare app also provides you with the list of tests based on your diagnosis which is stored in your records and also suggests you the diagnostic centres nearby saving unnecessary fuel consumption by any trips to hospitals.

Ever faced a situation where you have to go to your doctor and you lost your prescription, searching the whole house and the prescription papers are nowhere to be found. How many times has this happened? Well not anymore, with Wish Health app your prescription is added to your medical records in the app and is available to you whenever you need it. No longer you need that pile of medical history papers in your cabinet, get rid of them all and have the medical information you require at your fingertips.

Find Specialists near you in case of emergencies in no time. Specialist of every category are available, be it a Neurosurgeon, a Cardiologist, Psychiatrist or a Child specialist, they have listed top-notch healthcare professionals for every medical condition.

Summing up, if you want to monitor your health metrics in the best way possible and want to connect to the right doctors in time of emergency trust only the best doctors in New Delhi available to you via the Wish Health app. Keep your symptoms in check, go for routine checkups and stay healthy forever.