There is no such feeling as holding your child for the first time in your arms. It makes you feel, as if the whole happiness of the world is getting showered on you. However, this moment of bliss vanishes, when your newborn gets ill. To avoid this thing, you must always stay in contact with a pediatrician.

There are many ways through which a pediatrician can guide you in taking care of your infant. Scroll down to learn more.


The first and foremost thing is the immunizations. When you are in regular contact of a pediatrician, then you can easily schedule the immunization. There are many vaccinations that are uncommon, but are important for your kid and only a pediatrician can tell you this.


This is another important thing that appears confusing to many parents. Even the blogs related to feeding of infants after six months available online are not much helpful in comparison to a pediatrician consultancy. You must know what you should feed and what you should not to your infant and only a pediatrician can offer you the best advice on this.

Breast Feeding

Before six months, mothers must only breast feed their child, but at what duration and for how long. Such guidance from a pediatrician not only ensures the health of your child, but also of the mother (Mastitis or commonly known as breast infection could also be avoided with this help).


Bonding is a crucial thing that creates an understanding between you and your child. A pediatrician can counsel you on forming an emotional attachment with your child and what is the right way of holding kids. A pediatrician can also mentor you on the ways of rearing and caring of the child such as swaddling, stroking, and humming lullaby, etc.

Warning Signs

Apart from crying there are also other things that tells a great deal about the health of your child. With the help of a pediatrician you can learn the common symptoms of child illness. For instance, when to keep your child warm and to what extent, how to keep the infant hydrated and there are many more things that a pediatrician can make you understand.

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