All ladies must be aware of gynecologists who specialize in women’s reproductive system. For decades, they have been playing an important role in offering special health care to the females. A general physician is not able to diagnose and treat different health issues related to women but gynecologist is expert and specifically required for certain aspects of female’s health.

What do gynecologists do?

The main job of the gynecologists is to perform a wide range of exams and tests concentrated on women’s health. They are responsible for carrying timely exam on women to ensure that their reproductive health is good. For this, they generally use a particular process as physical analysis of woman, do a pap smear, do STD test, breast exam. Apart from this, they also monitor the birth control pills use by the woman.

Certain common diseases treated by gynecologists

Amenorrhoea (absent menstrual periods), incontinence of urine, cancer, infertility, menorrhagia, prolapse, infections of the vagina, premenstrual syndrome and diseases related to the reproductive organs including, vulva, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Gynecologists employ surgical therapies based on the nature of your health issue that she is treating. Both pre and postoperative medical management often use standard drug therapies like antiemetics, antihypertensives, antibiotics, and diuretics. In addition, gynecologists frequently use specialized hormone modulating therapies such as hormonal contraception and clomifene in order to correct disorders.

Why to see a gynecologist?

Seeing a gynecologist can help you in understanding your health clearly and how to care for it.

Give you information about what is normal for you so, you can easily recognize when any change occurs in your body.

Identify health issues in early stages so that they can be treated at right time.

Most of the medical institutions recommend that females start consulting a gynecologist at the age of 13. But, girls usually visit a gynecologist when they have a problem with their periods such as bleeding heavily, a lot of pain or bleeding for longer than normal etc. In addition, you can also consult a gynecologist if you have sex and missed your period.

A gynecologist generally asks questions about your family history, just to identify the main reason for your illness. You can talk about the concerns you have such as:

• Feeling depressed
• Weight issues
• Cramps
• Drinking, smoking or having drugs
• Acne problems
• Sexually transmitted diseases

If you don’t feel comfortable then you can ask your mother or sister to stay along with you during the visit.

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