One of the most common troubles that patients face is that they do not know when to see a heart specialist in Ludhiana and when to opt for a general physician. To resolve this issue, here some points have been discussed.


If you are in regular touch with a physician or internal medicine doctor, then the doctor will refer you to a heart specialist when required. Undoubtedly, this is a good way. However, there are times that these may land you in fresh problems. Generally, for a physician referring a patient to a heart specialist is one of the last options, as first, they try to resolve your problem on their own.

Severe Chest Pain

If you are having severe chest pain, then you must directly seek help from a cardiologist. If the doctor thinks it is not related to them, they will refer you to some other doctor. However, this way you may rule out the heart disease.

Heart Problem History in the Family

If you are someone that comes from a family with a history of heart problems, then you must consult a heart specialist. In fact, if your age lies in the 35 to 40 limit, then it is prudent for you to remain in regular touch with a cardiologist.

Obesity / High Cholesterol Level

If you are obese or have high cholesterol level in your blood, then you might be having a greater risk for heart disease. The reference level of cholesterol is 200 mg/dL or higher. This also means that you need to get your cholesterol level checked regularly.


If you are a diabetic person and have a heart disease history in the family, then you must see a cardiologist in case of heart pain. The diabetic patients have greater chances of having a heart problem, as high sugar level can have an adverse effect on your heart.

High Blood Pressure Level

For all those who have a high systolic number must ensure that they refer to a heart specialist with the increase in age. The higher is the systolic number the higher is your blood pressure. You must remember that a systolic number is the first number in the blood pressure reading. For instance, if you have 130/90, then 90 is a diastolic number and 130 is the systolic number.

Chain Smoker

If you are a chain smoker, then you are on the radar and must seek help from a heart specialist in case of any pain in the heart. You must know that the heart of a smoker is prone to heart- related diseases.

How to Choose a Heart Specialist

Once you have made your mind to consult a heart specialist, then it is important for you to look for a healthcare portal. This is an online website that helps you in finding any type of a doctor near your area. It also offers you other features, such as keeping all your medical history at one place, finding best diagnostic centers, etc.

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