According to a paper published in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI) in 2016, April 19, “Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have now become the leading cause of mortality in India”. Furthermore, as per India State-level Disease Burden Initiative (a study carried out last year) Punjab emerged at the top of the chart of ischemic heart diseases. The reasons behind this could be countless, but one thing is certain that you need to stay in regular contact with heart specialists Mohali. This means that you need to know more about heart specialists and the best way to find them.

Who is a heart specialist?

A heart specialist is a doctor that diagnoses and treats the patients having problems related to heart and blood vessels. This type of a doctor could be a cardiologist or a cardiac surgeon, depending on the qualification and the special training.

Qualification of a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon

On one hand, a cardiologist is a doctor who is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), MD (Medicinae Doctor or Doctor of Medicine) and DM (Doctor of Medicine) in Cardiology. On the other hand, a cardiac surgeon is a doctor with MBBS degree, MS (Master in Surgery) in General Surgery and MCh (Magister of Chirurgiae or Master of Surgery) in Cardiology.

Tips for Searching Heart Specialists

As aforementioned, a heart specialist could be either a cardiac surgeon or a cardiologist. You just need to remember that while selecting either one you must check their basic qualification as discussed above. There are many ways to search a heart specialist, such as asking from your friends, seeking referrals from your physician and choosing a patient portal. The first two profusely depend on the others. However, the last one, i.e. a patient portal is one option that gives you the sole control. Therefore, one can say that this the best way of finding a heart specialist. Keeping this in mind, scroll down to learn more about this type of portal.

What is a patient portal?

Popularly known as a healthcare portal, a patient portal is an online website that helps you in managing your healthcare issues, such as finding a doctor, getting an appointment, getting a reminder, searching a diagnostic center, etc. You just need to look for a patient-friendly healthcare portal and then start using it. This means that it is important for you to look into the features of the portal. Here are some of the specifications of a healthcare portal that you must never ignore:

It helps you in finding doctors near your area.

It helps you in getting the appointment of a doctor in your preferred time-slot.

It offers you suggestions for cost-effective diagnostic centers.

It reminds you of the appointment and your medications.

It helps you in viewing your prescription at any point of time from anywhere.

It allows you to add an emergency contact.

It provides you regular blogs from experts.

It keeps all your health records at one place.

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