The long hours of sedentary work and lack of physical activity are the result of your changing lifestyle. Unfortunately, you are paying a heavy price of all this with back pain, stiff neck muscles, etc. However, there are some problems that are related to joint pains and have not much to do with your lifestyle. Arthritis, Bone Tuberculosis, sports injuries are some of these problems that can create an adverse effect on your life. Hence, it is important for you to seek help from knee surgeons in Ludhiana.

Who is a knee surgeon?

Popularly known as knee orthopedic surgeon, knee surgeons are doctors that are devoted to the diagnosis, and treatment of osteoarthritis and other knee related issues. Any problem that involves your knees is treated by this type of a doctor.

It is important for you to know that your knee is a complex intersection of bones and muscles in addition to joints and tendons. Vulnerable to innumerable syndromes and diseases, your knees are prone to arthritis. Sometimes this problem can lead to knee surgery, which could be performed efficiently by a knee surgeon. Scroll down to learn reasons to consult a knee specialist.

Qualification of a Knee Surgeon

Apart from being Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (MBBS), a knee surgeon is also an MS, i.e. Master of Surgery in Orthopedics. Furthermore, there are a few knee doctors who are also DNB (Ortho), i.e. Diplomate of National Board (Orthopedics). This is the title which is awarded to the candidates who successfully complete their postdoctoral medical education by the National Board of Examinations (NBE).

Reasons to consult a knee surgeon

All types of problems related to joints are not dealt by knee surgeons. This type of a doctor specializes in knee surgery. Therefore, you must look for a knee surgeon when you face the following types of issues:

Knee Injuries

If you have any sports injury related to knees, then it is advisable to see a knee orthopedic surgeon. A knee doctor can carry out surgery of your knee joints in the best way possible.

Constant Knee Pain

If you are facing troubles in bending your knees or while walking, then you must consult a knee specialist. This way you can get the appropriate diagnosis of your problem.

Swollen Knees

In case you have swollen knees or its adjoining area, then you might be having some specific type of knee problem. It is of utmost importance for you to rule out that your problem is not related to arthritis and this could be done only by a knee surgeon.


Sometimes, your general physician or an orthopedic can refer you to a knee surgeon or a knee specialist. In such cases, you must immediately look for a knee orthopedic surgeon.

How to find a knee surgeon?

Once you have made your mind to consult a knee surgeon, then it is important for you to search a patient-friendly healthcare portal.

What is a healthcare portal?

A healthcare portal is an online web-based portal that helps you in finding doctors and giving you the control of all your health issues. This is an online website that is meant to simplify the life of a patient and diminish the gap between you and your doctor. You just need to type the specialty of the doctor and your location. A reputed patient portal or a healthcare portal will offer you the best solutions.

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